An essay is the most popular type of work for most students. Unfortunately, this form of work is not as popular with European universities as in the United Kingdom or the United States. Not to be found is the universities and disciplines, where so-called exact sciences are taught, such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or technology. We will continue to tell why so many students prefer an essay as a university assignment and how a ghostwriter can benefit from writing an essay.

Our ghostwriters tell what an essay actually is

An essay is an essay that reflects the author’s subjective opinion or his own experiences regarding a particular social, cultural or scientific phenomenon. The aim of such a text is to arouse the readers’ interest and to motivate them to think. The author has a relatively great freedom in writing an essay: there are no given structures and no prescribed page number; no specific instructions on what style of writing to use and what language means to use. Even if the student writes an essay for his studies at the university, it does not sound scientific at all: the most important task of the student is to present his personal writing style. In short, there is an absolute renunciation of scholarship and this is perhaps the most important reason why essays are so popular with students.

Before you start writing an essay

Since the goal of an essay is to give the reader food for thought and to further motivate him to deal with the core question of writing, the author must be a real professional in the subject of his writing. Specifically with the example: you write about migration policy in Europe 2010-2017. We would then recommend that you not only familiarize yourself with the relevant legal framework and your position in this regard in your essay, but also look for the opinions of experts, perhaps even the most famous scandals that were caused by the changes made , Who are the main protagonists of the reform and what results can be seen today? These points must not be disregarded. The second thing that you have to determine before starting the writing process is the scope of an essay. Usually this is from 5 to 15 pages. If you do not have any specific requirements from the Prof, you can have freedom here as well: nobody will mind if you write a little more than you need. The quality must always remain high. But if you know exactly that your Prof will follow the rule “no more than … does not mean anymore”, then we recommend that you keep his requirements regarding the scope of the text. It gets really embarrassing if you write a really interesting and valuable essay, but you’re not getting such a good grade because “you have not heard anything about conciseness”.

Academic essay: Ghostwriters tell about the construction

Do you feel like a fish in the water in the topic of your essay? Excellent! Now you can start writing. An essay is not a traditional scientific work, but its structure still looks ordinary. And every student, as well as every ghostwriter, knows three components of any scientific work: introduction, main part and conclusion – the golden three.


In the introduction, the author has to explain clearly what the question of the essay is and why he has decided to deal with this topic. The actuality of the problem can serve as a writing occasion. Show that the question is important to society today (preferably with statistical data) and nobody will ask you why exactly this topic was chosen. To make the introduction more emotional, we suggest you clarify the topicality of the topic with only one sentence and put it at the very beginning of the text. Back to our example: “18.6 million inhabitants with foreign roots in Europe, 2010 there were still 16 million – the tendency is increasing”. Sounds interesting, right? As a conclusion, you may introduce your own opinion regarding the problem in the introduction. But just introduce, the arguments continue.


The main part plays the most important role in an essay and that is also the major part of the whole text (the main part is 2/4 of the written, 1/4 belongs to the introduction and 1/4 to the conclusion). As I said, the main part is largely for reasoning. Here, the author should cite his arguments in such a way that the text remains exciting. It can be both pros and cons arguments. Here there is no room for old news or new facts, but for the opinion of the author. However, every argument must be justified in principle, preferably with examples or quotations.


Conclusion serves for the conclusion. Here you do not have to repeat your own questions or arguments, but offer any solution or better even multiple solutions. If you can not find any solution, then it makes sense to make a small prediction of what the further development of the problem looks like.

Essay and ghostwriter: a sure path to success!

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We hope our tips will help you write a valuable essay or make a decision to seek professional help. In any case, we wish you much success and many interesting texts!

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