Dive into the “New World”

Young Gamer

New World is a massively multiplayer online role playing game. It was released on 28.9.2021 and the design comes from Amazon Games. Players explore a fictional continent and can accumulate a significant contingent of equipment in the process. Interacting with other players and collecting resources makes the game interesting. You have to pass quests and …

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Cleaning with dry ice – Wide range of applications

Facade cleaning

In a home environment, you can resort to conventional cleaning agents. In the industrial sector, this type of cleaning is not enough. Here, machines are cleaned with high-pressure cleaners or with the help of, for example, a sandblasting cleaning. Chemical cleaning agents must also be used for the type of pollution. Dry ice cleaning is …

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Exciting ideas in modern architecture


Modern architecture offers many exciting ideas, such as the Yakisugi, a very old Japanese method. This allows you to beautifully design the interior and exterior of a house. Wood conservation The word Yakisugi comes from “Yaki” and means “burn”. “Sugi” in German means “sicheltanne”. It is an ancient Japanese method of wood preservation. The wood …

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