Dive into the “New World”

Young Gamer

New World is a massively multiplayer online role playing game. It was released on 28.9.2021 and the design comes from Amazon Games. Players explore a fictional continent and can accumulate a significant contingent of equipment in the process. Interacting with other players and collecting resources makes the game interesting. You have to pass quests and fight monsters. The continent is called Aetemum, where the game presents itself. The game is played on PC and is released by the USK from the age of 16. The developers refer to the genre as MMO action.

What can you experience at New World?

New World convinces with beautiful landscapes and a flair like you could experience in America in the 17th century. There is an important crafting system. PvP is to be understood as a battle for fortresses and as faction battles. There are different dungeons for 5 players. In the open world of Aetemum you experience events and fight against big bosses. You can choose your playstyle and choose different equipment and weapons. In the combat system you can prove yourself and will play your active role. For example, you have to aim and dodge. The cooperation with other players and the association in a guild make the game very interesting for friends of the MMO. You can play with its main character the entire continent. At the moment you can only play the game via PC.

New World Coins and much more

The New World Coins and the New World Gold are available, for example, for the sale of crafting products to other players. Whoever wins quests can win rewards. The coveted New World Gold is also available for the many city projects. If you defeat monsters, you get New World Coins or Gold. But if you pay attention a little, you can earn the thalers faster. For the first 3 missions a day you get bonus thalers. With the faction tokens received, you can acquire the rune of holding. In different stages, the rune of holding is assigned. You have to exchange different number of faction tokens for it. The rune is needed to make new bags, so it brings in some thalers in the trading post. The pocket space required again and again is the reason that all players are so after the rune.

Complete quests and earn money

You should make an effort to complete all quests. Even for smaller side quests you can get hundreds of thalers. If that’s not worth the effort, what is? The faster you get through the game with your character, the more side quests you can complete and collect coins. After all, there are 100 to 300 thalers available via quests. On some expeditions you can repeat quests, so you can get a lot of coins here. If you don’t want to bother, you can buy New World Gold outside of the game.

Photo credit: m.mphoto – stock.adobe.com