Cleaning with dry ice – Wide range of applications

Facade cleaning

In a home environment, you can resort to conventional cleaning agents. In the industrial sector, this type of cleaning is not enough. Here, machines are cleaned with high-pressure cleaners or with the help of, for example, a sandblasting cleaning. Chemical cleaning agents must also be used for the type of pollution. Dry ice cleaning is a more environmentally friendly and effective alternative to other methods.

The surface-friendly dry ice blasting process

A dry ice cleaner works with dry ice pellets. These are blown onto the surface to be cleaned at a high speed. The surface cools down sharply. The dirt layer cracks and is thus removed. The ice pellets have a low density. This allows you to very quickly turn into a gaseous state and freeze a larger area. At the same time, the low density ensures that no other substance is damaged apart from the dirt layer. After the gaseous state, the components fizzle out immediately. The pellets dissolve into air. They leave no residue.

Cleaning without chemicals

After cleaning with the help of the ice pellets, you only have to remove the removed residues. The cleaned areas do not need to be dried because the ice jets do not condense. In industry, this ensures that machines and systems only have to stand still for a short time. The particles of the ice rays are very small and thus reach otherwise difficult to reach areas. Machines or things to be cleaned do not have to be laboriously dismantled. The pellets reach every angle. After cleaning, you can put everything back into operation as usual. This saves time and money. The areas of application of dry ice blasting are diverse.

Cleaning convinces with effectiveness and variety

The dry ice pellets are also convincing in the automotive industry. In food processing plants, due to the specific characteristics of dry ice blasting, hardly any alternative is so well suited for the removal of heavy contamination. Possible areas of application include fa├žade cleaning, the removal of graffiti or smears. When cleaning ships or boats, the dry ice blasting is also convincing. Due to the gentle functionality, you can also clean monuments, sculptures, works of art or other objects worth protecting intensively and gently.

The substance is preserved. The dirt is completely removed. High-fat impurities can also be eliminated effortlessly. The fat is not smeared. It freezes and crumbles from the now clean surface. Silicone, wax, rubber, adhesive or other hard-to-remove coatings can be removed effortlessly. You have the possibility to produce dry ice pellets yourself with the help of pelletizers. These can be conveniently stored in dry ice boxes. Since the dry ice loses density over time, it is advisable to use it as soon as possible after production. Alternatively, you can have it delivered to you. In addition, find out about the necessary protective equipment during use. Or hire a specialist company that specialises in this field.

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