Exciting ideas in modern architecture


Modern architecture offers many exciting ideas, such as the Yakisugi, a very old Japanese method. This allows you to beautifully design the interior and exterior of a house.

Wood conservation

The word Yakisugi comes from “Yaki” and means “burn”. “Sugi” in German means “sicheltanne”. It is an ancient Japanese method of wood preservation. The wood is then used for the exterior façade or for the interior. This is what modern architecture looks like, because this trend has spread more and more into our latitudes. Your own house is like a temple and you should never leave it with boring solutions. The interior design can also use this principle of wooden permission, beautiful elements are created from it.

Shou Sugi Ban Wood

The method is also called Shou Sugi Ban wood. Carbonated wood is also used. Boring solutions were yesterday, today the house façade is renewed with these wooden sills. Thanks to Japanese technology, everything is processed. Also a modern and interesting element is the flamed wooden floor made of this fired wood. The centuries-old technology has its origins in Japan, the land of the rising sun. The customer will find in the shops a wide range of such produced wood products for a beautiful architecture inside and out. The wood paneling is not only natural, but also authentic and contemporary. Traditional Japan is behind it and the Sugi wood is conventionally used here. It is known as the Japanese ce ce ceer.

House and Garden

Charring method

The ancient charring method creates a distinctive appearance of this wood. As a result, it has a very high longevity. The heat treatment further extends the service life of the wood. Insect infestation and rot infestation can thus be prevented. The boards are more dimensionally stable and this also increases fire resistance in these wooden facades or wooden elements. There is no preventive care by re-oiling. Everything is easy to maintain. However, the consistent color needs some care. The product should be completely natural and the patina can be preserved. In the Western market, too, the call for this old technique for modern architecture inside and out is increasing more and more. It is a sought-after, contemporary and above all aesthetic option for the design of the home.

However, it should be noted that since wood is only authentic if it has been fired correctly. Suppliers who offer lightly flamed or slightly charred can offer optical effects, but the durability of the wood is not ensured in this way. It is only safe if the wood has been properly fired according to the ancient method. This requires a lot of know-how. In Japan, the Japanese cypress is also used for this not without reason. The Sugi brings here the most durable and beautiful result. If you opt for this type of exterior façade or interior façade, you will definitely choose a natural building material that is renewable. In this way, the principle of sustainability is also supported.